The Brewmaster’s Table – by Garrett Oliver


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The Brewmaster’s Table by Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver is a journey around the world of beer as seen through the eyes of a food lover, or should that be the other way round? Either way this book covers all angles of food and beer and how they interact when served together. It is a very readable book, and I read it cover to cover fairly quickly. The conversational and personal style is enjoyable to read and tells of the author’s journey to Europe where he discovered the joys of quality beer as a young man. He goes on to write about the different styles of beer by visiting the various major brewing nations of the world, talking to brewers and tasting their beer. Food pairings are made throughout the book, as well as a ready reckoner of great combinations at the back for easy reference. The exquisite design and layout of the book are complemented by the photography of Denny Tillman, capturing the people, beers and breweries that Oliver visits and writes about. This is a lovely book, well laid out and a joy to read. This is not necessarily a book for all beer fanatics, but if you are a bit of a ‘foodie’, and love your beer, then this is a must. This is also a great book for someone who thinks that wine is the only drink to pair with the food they serve at dinner parties, as it shows just what beer can do with a variety of cuisines from across the globe.

Published by: ecco (Harper Collins)

ISBN: 978-0-06-000571-9


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