‘The Craft Beer Revolution’ by Steve Hindy

ISBN: 978-1-137-27876-0

Steve Hindy is the founder of Brooklyn Brewery, and is one of the great success stories of the American craft brewing industry. He takes us on a journey from the earliest days of enthusiastic home-brewers, MBA graduates and wealthy businessmen dipping their collective toes into the unknown waters of alternative beers. They were alternative because in the mid 60s there were no real options for the American beer drinker other than a bunch of similar tasting lagers of very little note. Steve Hindy knows all the protagonists, and has some interesting tales to tell!

If your vision of the craft beer revolution is a brotherhood of bearded home-brewers bravely taking the plunge together, helping each other, drinking one another’s beers and stepping forward, challenging the great ‘domestic’ mega breweries as one, then Steve Hindy’s history will be quite the eye-opener. Tales of  jealousy, marketing hi-jinx and raging arguments at beer festivals and various beery organisations are just some of the things that the ‘craft beer revolutionaries’  had to overcome.Together with bully-boy tactics from the large breweries with distribution, legal barriers and financial woes it’s a wonder that craft beer in the USA ever got going.

With stories from defunct pioneers like New Albion Brewing, and craft brewing success stories like Anchor, both who broke trail for many others, to the next batch of brewers like Matt Brewing, Pete’s, Sierra Nevada, Allagash and of course Brooklyn, the reader will enjoy the ups and downs of their favourite breweries. Influences from Britain, Germany and Belgium, as well as trailblazing creativity from the likes of Dogfish Head are all part of the story that will entertain any craft beer geek worth his hops!

Squarely aimed at the enthusiast, you don’t have to live in New York or Portland to ‘get’ this book. This is the story of how a few brave amateurs took inspiration from British, German and Belgian beers, added some American magic and ended up with a billion dollar business that has transformed the brewing industry the world over. The journey was not smooth by any measure and this book documents the bumps and grooves with entertaining style that makes it a great addition to your boozy library!










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