The Noble Pig Brewhouse was mentioned to me by my father-in-law a while back, and I made a point to get there next time we were up at their house for a visit. Kamloops might not seem like an obvious place for a brewpub, so the Wranglerette and I entered with an open mind! We were joined by the youngest member of my beer-loving brood, my 17 month old daughter, and I wondered if they might let her in. We were pleasantly surprised to be shown to a booth that had a great view of the rest of the pub, given a booster seat and some crayons for my daughter! As a parent as well as beer lover/writer, I am always grateful when independent establishments can cater for a (well-behaved) family.

The atmosphere was welcoming and had a traditional ‘pubby’ feel about it. Although there were the usual screens showing a range of sports, there were not invasive or ‘in your face’  if you were there to chat and not watch the game. There is a restaurant side as well as the the bar,  which had attractive dark wooden floorboards throughout. A large bar with numerous taps stretched out in front of us and the excellent waitress gave us our beer and food menu. She happily answered my questions about the brewmaster (David Beardsell) and a few of the beers,  so I decided to go for the ESB and the Wranglerette had the Porter. We were both really impressed with our beers and agreed that they were well made, had the right level of carbonation and most importantly were delicious! There were a number of options including a peppered Belgian ale as well as the marvellously named ‘Fascist Pig Pilsner’. Our food came next and my ‘Cubano Sandwich’ of pulled pork,  slow roasted beef, honey ham, beer caramelised onions and ale cheddar really hit the spot! My daughter Maisy had a kids menu mac and cheese with pancetta – she was lucky daddy didn’t steal it all as I had a taste and it was superb! There are usually seven pub-brewed beers on tap and if you can’t decide what to have, then just go for the paddle of tasters.

I will definitely be going here again and highly recommend you all to do the same!


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