Elysian and AB-InBev. Brewers not Nazis



The betrayed are out in force on twitter. “Goodbye Elysian” “Last time I EVER drink Elysian Beer”

“Traitors!” “Sell outs!”

It was as if the founder of Greenpeace had just joined ACME petrol-chemicals Inc. and personally dumped toxic, radioactive waste directly on a whale’s head while laughing maniacally!

I realise that the craft beer is more than just great beer, carefully brewed by bearded artisans in railway arches and barns behind a pub. It has become a political movement that reflects the campaigns against the 1%, a liquid counterpart to ‘farm to fork’ and locavore groups.

The . . . → Read More: Elysian and AB-InBev. Brewers not Nazis


Gipsy Hill Brewing – A chat with the brewers

Hidden away in a corner of southeast London, within stumbling distance of the famous Crystal Palace mast lies one of the newer additions to the burgeoning craft beer scene. Gipsy Hill Brewing Co. managed to find a street unencumbered by a micro-brewery, so moved in to realise their dream of hosing down coppers and fermenters, wrangling temperamental bottling lines and figuring out a cask storage conundrum.

Predictably another brewery moved in on the other side of the industrial estate moments later, such is the growth of the industry. In fact by the time I publish this there will probably be . . . → Read More: Gipsy Hill Brewing – A chat with the brewers


Judge a beer by the colour of its glass?

On returning to live back in the UK, one of the treats in store for me was to have a few bottles of some of the beers that I had loved in the era before the ‘Craft Beer Revolution’. These are beers that some young hipsters in East London might turn their nose up at these days, but in my view are as tasty and drinkable as any put out at £3.60 a bottle in a stall in Borough Market! They might be seen as old-fashioned, traditional or just plain boring, but these are the ones that I grew . . . → Read More: Judge a beer by the colour of its glass?


Beer Store Focus: Market Row Wines, Brixton

Wrangler Rating: (Excellent)

Having moved from what I consider the centre of Canadian craft brewing, Vancouver, back to my old home in London, I quickly missed the range of cutting edge brews that were available in a number of stores around town. The British supermarket choice is fair at best but can’t compare with the specialist retailer I have been spoilt with for the last 6 years or so.

On a slow day searching for new employment opportunities I took a break and had a stroll around the fantastic Brixton Village and Market Row, the indoor . . . → Read More: Beer Store Focus: Market Row Wines, Brixton


Is there such a thing as “Craft Beer”

What do these beers have in common?


Sharp’s Doombar

Goose Island IPA

Worthington White Shield IPA

Granville Island ‘Thirsty Farmer’ Saison

Leffe Brune


The answer is that they are all delicious, well made beers by individual brewers who seem to care about the product that they make. Oh they also happen to be owned by two of the largest international mega brewery companies in the world; companies that most ‘craft beer’ fans treat with contempt, and are unlikely to be ordering any of their more visibly ‘industrial’ brands anytime soon. Those two companies are Molson Coors and . . . → Read More: Is there such a thing as “Craft Beer”