Maredsous Abbaye Triple

Wrangler Rating: (Recommended)

Maredsous Triple is golden amber in colour, a touch darker than many triples, and has a strong, spicy, alcoholic aroma, which is not surprising when you see the 10% ABV on the traditionally styled label. The palate gives off a strong hit of the solvent-like alcohol at first, and is followed up by grainy dried fruit, with over ripe pineapple and boozy marmalade oranges leading the way. The finish is dry, with a hint of orange peel and herbiness. This powerful triple is not as refreshing as some and struggles to balance its flavour with its . . . → Read More: Maredsous Abbaye Triple


Delirium Tremens

Wrangler Rating: (Outstanding)

Delirium Tremens is a strong golden ale that has a cult following amongst fans of Belgian beer, not only due to this powerful brew, but also the famous Delirium café in Brussels that keeps over 2000 beers for enthusiasts and tourists alike. It pours with a gloriously fluffy, tightly bubbled head, that sits atop a very pale golden liquid. The nose is full of the slightly medicinal aroma of pear drops and spicy hops. This beer manages to be light and full-bodied at the same time; if that sounds like an oxymoron, I apologise, but it . . . → Read More: Delirium Tremens


Piraat Strong Blond Ale (Van Steenburge Brewery)

Wrangler Rating: (Excellent)

This is a lovely example of a strong Belgian golden ale. This beer emits a medium-golden hue and is topped with a tight, slightly creamy head. The alcohol is well hidden within the flavours of the beer and it exudes slightly dried tropical fruits, with a touch of caramelised sugar. Having said that, Piraat is not a sweet brew as there is a dry malty and spicy yeast finish. This beer goes on to warm your insides with its strength and flavour, making it a great sipping beer on its own, or as an accompaniment to a . . . → Read More: Piraat Strong Blond Ale (Van Steenburge Brewery)