I had never heard of a ‘blog agregator’ before but there’s a first time for everything! Beer and Butter Tarts collects all its members’ recent blogs and shows bits from them and a link to their site/blog.  It specialises in beer and food blogs, so if you’re a foodie or a beer lover, this is a great place to scour through a bunch of them in one place without having to find and actually go to the website, so it’s a real energy saver for those tired typing fingers (that’s just two for me!).

Most importantly it will be featuring the musings and reviews of yours truly: The Beer Wrangler. Well actually, as you already read my blog (I assume) it’s a grand way of discovering some of my competitors… er.. I mean friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers. So click on the link – it’ll always be on my blogroll (bottom right of home page) and read some of the best beer and food blogs on offer!


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