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Abbatiale Triple is brewed by Brasserie des Sources in St-Amand les Eaux in northern France, and scored gold medals at the Paris beer competition in 2006 and 2008; now let’s see how it scores with me!

The cool packaging is the first thing you notice when you approach the beer shelf at your favourite local specialty ‘beertique’.  With a white ceramic bottle, cork and a cage it makes me want to investigate further. As I draw nearer the bright golden label reads ‘Abbatiale Triple Blonde, 7% ABV 50cl 6-12°c, refermented in bottle, delicately flavoured with juniper berries, a genuine recipe from the middle ages. A true Abbaye style blonde.’ – My drinking cloak and chalice await!

As I pour it into my chalice (the recommended glass) this brew exhibits vigorous carbonation, a light golden blonde colour, and bright white foamy head that lasts and leaves lacing down the inside of the glass. The aroma has a fresh mild yeastiness, a fragrance of juniper berries, roasted corn and gentle earth. The first sip hits the back of my throat and I feel like I’m standing in ankle deep water with the sun on my smiling face and an ocean breeze that takes me away. Refreshing is not an expressive enough word to describe this excellent french beer! Zingy herbal notes on the front palate give way to a subtle creamy nuance, with a buttery and  tart finish that lingers.

As for food pairing – I want fish and chips; I want southern fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread. Plank my salmon and serve it with a side of coleslaw or potato salad, and while you’re at it, I’ll have another beer please. Abbatiale is easy drinking, good refreshment, smooth and quaffable, it’s easy to taste why this little jug of deliciousness has been around for a few centuries.

Serving: 500ml Bottle

ABV: 7%

Best Served 6-10°C
-By Brewlord


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