Hoyne Wolf Vine Wet Hopped Pale Ale

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Hoyne Wolf Vine is the first beer I have reviewed from this fairly new brewery. Their IPA is popular as is their version of a dark mild, Dark Matter. This is a limited release due to the availability of the fresh hops and sees Sean Hoyne, formerly of Swans brewpub and Canoe brewpub, and brother of Lighthouse founder and brewer Paul Hoyne, enter the fresh/wet hopped beer fad that is gripping British Columbia at this time of year.

Instead of going for an IPA, Hoyne has gone for the less bitter pale ale, and given it the fresh treatment. It pours a mid amber colour with a bubbley head and leaves heavy lacing around the glass. The aroma is terrific with a big hit of fresh, green leafy notes, lime zest and lime flower. The palate is a bit more restrained but develops more as the beer warms up to cellar temperature. There are less of those aromatics than I expected and it tastes less hoppy than it smells. There is a good balance of bitterness on the finish, leaving a leafy, herbal note in my mouth. Overall a good beer that I enjoyed but it didn’t totally wow me. This would be nice with a (real) mature cheddar ploughman’s lunch.

Serving: 650ml Bottle

ABV: 5.5%

Best Served: 7-10°C



2 comments to Hoyne Wolf Vine Wet Hopped Pale Ale

  • BeerLearner

    Hey amigo, I’m a bit surprised that this didn’t get an outstanding response from you. I thought this beer was a tremendous victory for Hoyne! Taking the direction of the Pale ale as opposed to following the mob and catering to IPA styles was a pleasant diversion. One evening I compared this brew vs. Phillips Green Reaper IPA & Driftwood Sartori Harvest IPA. Sure that may be setting the Hoyne team offering up to fail but I feel when judged on its own merits (i.e. that of the pale ale variety) it does stick out in a positive fashion. It’s cleanliness & fresh aroma yields a fine sessionability. Yes, yes – I realize this is entirely my own viewpoint..and you know I’ll always respect yours due to your refined palette. As always, I enjoy your reviews. Keep posting ’em…I’ll keep readin’ em!

  • Sorry to disappoint! It was close to get 4 tankards and I would buy it again! In fact I drank my second bottle last night and enjoyed it a lot. I try to be fair and I suspect that my review might have been tempered by the fact that I have had many fresh hopped beers, when I reviewed Sartori it was my first one ever. You can review it too! – you are listed as a contributor but have only submitted one review! 🙂 Come on BL – put your thoughts down, I’ve seen your little black book!

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