Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew Ale


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Fuller’s Honey Dew is a Golden / Summer Ale that is brewed with organic honey; don’t think that this is a sweet beer though, as the honey is subtle and beautifully balanced. There is a touch of the pale malt, a spritz of hops and the honey note that finishes it all off with a thirst quenching roundness. A nicely chilled pint of this on a hot summer’s afternoon is where it’s best. It is light enough to drink on its own all day, or matched with a summer salad or grilled chicken dish. It has a pale golden colour and light carbonation that complements the refreshing style of this ale from one of London’s best independent brewers.

ABV: 5%

Best served: 7°C


5 comments to Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew Ale

  • Julian Tyson-Woodcock

    This one certainly goes down without pain on a warm summer’s day.

  • Drinking one now as I finish the work day off. The bottle fits nicely into a beer glass, set it in the freezer for 20 minutes..mm mm gooood! This beer is perfect in two’s, and I recommend it Thai and or spicy Asian food.

  • Mark Amarali

    Drank this beer for the first time today. Amazing flavour and taste. Best I ever had!!

  • Dave W

    What the heck kinda style is a “Golden Summer Ale”? I don’t think BJCP has a category for this! It would probably fall under Specialty Beer (Honey Beer).

  • The style used to be called “summer ale” in the UK and is now “golden ale” as the style that used to be a summer seasonal for many breweries is now brewed year round.I called this golden/summer ale as both names are commonly used by brewers. This one is flavoured (slightly) with honey so I guess would be a flavoured golden ale. It is not honeyed enough to be a braggot or other mead/beer hybrid.

    As for conforming to the dogma that is the BJCP style guidelines….
    I’m afraid that their guidelines were set up to enable judging of homebrew competitions and now seem to have been taken as the definitive judge of what beer is allowed to be called. Unfortunately their appreciation of British, Belgian and German styles do not always tally with what is actually brewed and what Europeans name it. I could go on but this probably
    deserves a whole post! please see http://www.worldbeerawards.com/styles/#pale (you have to scroll down a bit) for Golden Ale from the World Beer Awards categories. As I said earlier this is a golden ale (often known as “summer ale”) and Fuller’s Honey Dew is a flavoured variety, and might well qualify in the flavoured categories. As this site doesn’t sub-categorise beyond “flavoured beer” and the parent style I always use the original style and tag it as a flavoured beer (as I might still put a coffee porter under “porters” for example). hope this clears your question up.

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