Fiddler’s Elbow (Wychwood Brewery)


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Wychwood’s Fiddler’s Elbow is an extremely drinkable Pale Ale, golden amber in colour and brewed with a touch of wheat, which is unusual for modern British Bitters and Pale Ales. This gives it a light refreshing feel, that makes it ideal as a summer session beer. The attack is bright, citrus-y and floral, followed by some nice medium malt flavours. The mid palate gives you a slight banana bread taste, balancing Fiddler’s Elbow rather nicely!  The hops are still front and centre though, leaving you with a refreshing dry finish, and those notes of flowery citrus linger in your mouth, inviting the next sip. This could be paired with all sorts of things without any trouble, but I would recommend a nice pork chop, grilled and served with sautéed new potatoes and fresh veggies. – Enjoy!

ABV:5.2 %

Best Served: 10°C


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