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tankard.jpgtankard.jpgtankard.jpg (Recommended)

Erdinger Weissbier pours into the glass with an attractive straw colour with a large fluffy head and a slight yeast haze. This is a lighter and crisper style of weissbeer than some, and its flavours are subtle. A touch of banana and apple with a hint of a hop on the finish makes this an easy drinking beer. This may be mild-mannered but it is true to the style of a German ‘breakfast beer’ and that’s why I like it and almost gave it a 4 tankard rating, but I felt it needed a bit more to get that extra mark.. Alot of this could be drunk without too much trouble, and I would heartily recommend it as a pre-lunch drink or to go with poached white fish. For a more spicy brew, try the Erdinger Urweis which is a benchmark of the fuller bodied style of Hefe-weissen.

ABV: 5.3%

Best Served: 7°C