Consulting, Training and Events

The Beer Wrangler is Jonny Tyson and I’m passionate about beer. I am an Accredited Beer Sommelier with the IBD Beer Academy. I have had articles published in magazines, been a buyer and manager for a number of specialist retailers and managed a craft beer tasting room and restaurant. I consult, write, train and host beer events. 

Please contact me at to enquire about hiring me for a number of beer related jobs.

Beer Consulting

If you are introducing a new range of craft beer from home and abroad to your pub, bar or restaurant, wondering how many to add, whether bottles or draught, or how many of each style, I can help with the decision making process and design a beer list, large or small or create food pairings. I can accommodate any budget and help develop your new or improving craft beer offering, and more importantly help you to sell it.


Beer Writing

As an accredited beer sommelier and liquor industry and hospitality professional, I can review beers with a professional eye, or write about any aspect of the beer industry, pubs and restaurants and breweries. An approachable style, with a knowledgeable background will step up the quality of a beer related article  from the enthusiastic amateur to a level expected from wine and spirit writers.


Beer Events

A great way to get your customers into the new wave of beer is to have an enjoyable event focused on the beers you sell and have me take the guesswork out of the planning. Whether a food pairing event, with tastes from your menu to a beer and cheese night or just a simple beer appreciation evening, I can organise and host the whole event to your specifications, and give your customers a great time! I can also organise and host private events for a birthdays, corporate or any other occasion, taylored to suit you.


Beer Training

Selling the vast array of styles of beer from all over the world that is on offer takes a knowledgeable and accessible staff. On one hand you don’t want a beer geek with no personal skills scaring away potential customers, on the other someone who has a smile but nothing to say to an ever more interested clientele who are demanding a level of knowledge from the people advising and selling beer. Whether specialist bar or retailer, traditional pub or adventurous restaurant, I have developed two levels of  training courses with the Guild of Beer Sommeliers, designed to enable staff to talk confidently and knowledgeably to customers about beer.