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A perfect beer cocktail for Summer – the Vancouver Vice


A vice is something that we might enjoy despite it being bad for us, a bit naughty or immoral in some way!

Weiss Beer is a German wheat beer
(and pronounced almost like the English “vice”) that is delicious and refreshing.

I put the two together and developed this great summer cocktail. It sells now in Bitter Tasting Room in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, and if you want to impress some summer guests who need to be shown how versatile beer can be, then grab a cocktail shaker and make a few of these with your favourite German Hefe!



The Vancouver Vice

1 oz (30 ml) Hendricks Gin (or your gin of choice, but Hendricks is best for the “Vice”)

1/2 oz (15ml) Pimms N0.1

1 1/4 oz (37ml) 2:1 Strawberry honey syrup

1/2 oz (15ml) Lemon juice

1/4 oz (7ml) Lime juice

1 bar spoon (5 ml) Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters

3-4 oz (90-120ml) Maisel’s Weisse wheat beer (or your favourite German Hefeweisse beer)

Garnish: Wheel of Lime or Lemon

(Metric conversions are approximate)


Combine all the ingredients (except beer) in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a stemmed 12oz (360 ml) glass half filled with ice. Top up with gently with beer. (If you pour it straight in too fast, it will foam over) . Now gently mix with a barspoon (or ‘pull through’ from the bottom to top) to combine the beer and garnish.

I know some of you are looking at strawberry honey syrup and wondering where to buy it, but it is home made and very quick and easy to make. It’s totally worth it as the fresh fruit flavour gives it a real kick.

Strawberry Honey Syrup (2:1)

1 cup (250 ml) of clear runny honey

1/2 cup (125 ml) of water

1 lb / 500 g Strawberries

Gently warm the water and honey until they combine into a syrup (this is a 2:1 honey syrup) – don’t let it boil though! If you have a juicer, cut the green stems from strawberries and juice all the strawberries and add to the honey syrup. Stir on a low heat until it has combined. (Any raw fruit in a syrup has to be heated just enough to pasteurise it, just don’t let it boil otherwise you lose that fresh flavour and get a jammy one) . You can optionally strain the syrup through a large sieve or strainer to remove any remaining strawberry bits, but it is not necessary. Allow to cool and chill

No juicer, no problem!

De-stalk the strawberries and slice and chop them. Add to the honey syrup over a very low heat (don’t allow to boil) and stir and allow the juices to seep into the syrup. Strain, allow to cool and chill.

Always keep the syrup in the fridge.




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Paulaner Hefe-Weizen


Wrangler Rating:


Paulaner Hefe-Weisen is a cloudy Wheat Beer with a pale gold colour and a light puffy head. There are all the classic flavours present: Citrus, banana, with a touch of vanilla bean and clove. They are extremely well balanced, and mild enough not to compromise the refreshing quality of the beer, but are still strong enough to liven the palate and stop this being in any way bland. There is subtle crispness to the finish, and it could quench the worst summer thirst. If barbequed prawns served with a squeeze of lemon are on your menu, then this will fit the bill perfectly.

ABV 5.5%

Best Served: 7°C


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Erdinger Weissbier


Wrangler Rating:

tankard.jpgtankard.jpgtankard.jpg (Recommended)

Erdinger Weissbier pours into the glass with an attractive straw colour with a large fluffy head and a slight yeast haze. This is a lighter and crisper style of weissbeer than some, and its flavours are subtle. A touch of banana and apple with a hint of a hop on the finish makes this an easy drinking beer. This may be mild-mannered but it is true to the style of a German ‘breakfast beer’ and that’s why I like it and almost gave it a 4 tankard rating, but I felt it needed a bit more to get that extra mark.. Alot of this could be drunk without too much trouble, and I would heartily recommend it as a pre-lunch drink or to go with poached white fish. For a more spicy brew, try the Erdinger Urweis which is a benchmark of the fuller bodied style of Hefe-weissen.

ABV: 5.3%

Best Served: 7°C


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