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Talk of English devolution got me thinking. At first beer was, unusually nothing to do with any of thoughts, but memories of history lessons about Anglo-Saxon England and the original divisions of England emerged, before those pesky conquering Normans came along with their Dukes and Doomsday Books. I checked a few blogs and websites on devolution and came up with a modern version that might work today, dividing England up into modern day provinces that represented some historical roots but allowed for modern populations etc. etc…..’but what the hell does this tangent . . . → Read More: Beer for English Devolution


Big Rock Traditional Ale

Wrangler Rating: (Recommended)

This ‘Trad Ale’ is described by Big Rock as an English Brown Ale, which I find particularly interesting coming from a Canadian brewer, and it definitely has some of those sweetish, malty notes associated with an English Brown. Although it is only just medium-bodied it does have some nice, very light hoppy flavour, making it an easy beer to drink. It would be well paired with summer evening barbecues or slices of emmental cheese. Although not overly nutty in the mouth, it does leave you with a hazelnut flavour on the finish. Not bad at all!

ABV: . . . → Read More: Big Rock Traditional Ale