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Les Trois Mousquetaires Sticke Alt

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Les trois Mousquetaires is a small but dedicated brewery from Quebec, Canada, and it produces a range of European style and seasonal specialties. Sticke Alt is not a common style of beer, least of all outside its home nation of Germany, and is an Altbier on steroids. Many Alts are a well rounded malty beer with a nice hit of herbal hops on the finish, making a good session ale.

A Sticke Alt is a far more serious affair, and this Canadian version is no exception. It has a deep red-amber colour with a creamy head, that leaves plenty of attractive lacing around the glass. The first thing that hits you is the body; this is a very full beer, with a rich maltiness and a viscous feel to it. There are notes of dried fruit and black molasses, but without too much sweetness. It is counter-balanced by a strong herbal bitterness on the finish from a good dose of hops, with some woody touches that sometimes feels a bit drying. Over all this is well worth a go, and would pair well some rich, fatty meats as the bitterness would be a good foil for the fat, and the body can match the strong flavours too!

ABV: 6%

Best Served: 10°C


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Driftwood Brewery Crooked Coast Amber Ale


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Driftwood Brewery’s Crooked Coast Amber Ale pours into the glass with a lovely dark amber colour and accented by vibrant red highlights. The head is thick and tightly bubbled, then thins out but stays with the beer to the bottom of the glass. There is a distinct roasted malt aroma, but without much sweetness accompanying it. The flavour is more complex and rich than the aroma suggests but the roasted notes are still at the fore. There is an enjoyable nuttiness, reminiscent of hazelnuts on the finish, joined by a dry spiciness. This is a fairly rich but smoothly flavoured alt bier, and would pair nicely with a well seasoned steak and kidney pie.

ABV: 5.1%

Best Served: 11°C


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Duckstein Copper-Gold (Alt Bier)


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Duckstein is an example of an alt bier which is now widely available around the world, and it’s about time too! Copper-gold describes the colour well, and after pouring, a nice thick head appears.  The flavour starts with a clean maltiness and a splash of hops which is then complimented by the taste of caramel. A light breadiness fills the mouth, and the finish is dry and hoppy. Overall this is a very drinkable beer full of flavour but with a light finish. It will pair well with a creamy pasta or a refreshing foil to traditional German sausage.

ABV: 4.9%

Best Served: 8°C


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