Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout


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Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout is an Imperial Russian Stout that weighs in at a mighty 10%, but the alcohol is well hidden by the monumentally full-bodied flavours that caress the palate. This stout’s colour is a deep inky black, and pours into the glass with a creamy caramel coloured head that slowly dissipates. You’d be fooled into thinking that there was real cocoa beans in the brew, but Garrett Oliver, the brewer, obtains that taste from malt alone! The dark bitter chocolate notes fill the mouth, but are balanced exquisitely by rich roasted sweet malt. Beneath the obvious flavours, there are hints of rich burnt fruit cake and licorice that comes to the fore on the finish.  This is a sumptuous stout and should be tried by every fan of the style. Pair this with a rich strawberry tart and double cream.

ABV: 10%

Best Served: 10°C


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