Brewdog Trashy Blonde

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What makes a great Summer ale? Whether you call it a Blonde, a Golden or a Summer ale, the style has to refresh, not be too heavily flavoured, but definitely not bland. There also has to be a good level of (here I go – a word I hate!) drinkability. (I feel soooo dirty!)  However a drinkable balanced golden coloured ale would only get a 3 tankard rating. A great beer has a certain something that inspires and delights, and as all beer connoisseurs know, when you come across it, you mark it down in your mind and make sure you revisit that beer at a future date. Brewdog comes with a lot of hype, and are well known for their super strong and heavily hopped ales, but can they pull off a great session style summer seasonal without overdoing it or being too cautious?

It has a nice pale golden colour, and crisp slightly hoppy, almost lagery nose. There is a hint of grainy malt but no real sweetness, and a good dose of dry herbal hops on the finish. The hop notes linger for a bit, almost drying my mouth, which in turn makes it start to water!

This is a nicely made Summer blonde ale and I could sink quite a few on a hot day on the deck!

Seving type: 330ml bottle

ABV: 4.1%

Best Served: 5-7°C


2 comments to Brewdog Trashy Blonde

  • Have you tried the Brooklyn summer ale yet? It’s a lovely one, be interested to here your comparison thoughts. Nice review, always enjoy reading your stuff.

  • Thanks Dan – Much appreciated! I enjoy your blog as well. I haven’t had the Brooklyn Summer ale yet I’ll have to get some soon! For a great Summer Ale try the Wychwood Wychcraft Blonde Ale – it’s fabulous. Review when I can drink one slowly enough to type!

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