Ayinger Ur-Weisse Dunkel Weizen

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Ayinger Ur-Weisse is a well made Dunkel Weizen from the region which is the home of German brewing: Bavaria. The colour is of rich amber and is accompanied by the classic foamy wheat beer head. Malt, wheat and citrus tickle the olfactory senses, and leads us to take a sip. This is gently refreshing, yet full of flavour; tastes of grapefruit and malted barley are at the fore followed by nice floral hoppy notes. The finish has a touch of spicy clove and more of the dry floral hops that we found on the mid-palate. This is a very enjoyable beer and could easily paired with a myriad of food, but I think it should be tried with a spicy and fragrant Thai curry. It could complement all those sweet, hot and floral flavours with ease, while cooling any overly aggressive spices without killing the flavour.

ABV: 5.8%

Best Served: 7°C


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