jonnybeer.jpegThe Beer Wrangler is Jonny Tyson and I’m passionate about beer. I am a Certified Cicerone®, an Accredited Beer Sommelier with the IBD Beer Academy and member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. I have had articles published in magazines, been a buyer for a number of specialist retailers and managed a craft beer tasting room and restaurant. I have worked in Vancouver, Canada and London, UK in the beer, wine and restaurant/bar trade, so hopefully have a broad and inclusive approach to the world of craft beer.

I love to host beer events, that could be a cheese or food pairing night to a beer education seminar. I have run corporate beer tasting events and brewery showcase nights. To enquire about hiring me, drop me a line at wrangler@beerwrangler.com

I realise that all styles of beer have a place on our table at some time or other, at home or at the pub, with friends watching the big game, or at a posh four course dinner party. I seek out the good, the bad and the ugly, so you don’t have to. I love to travel the vast expanse of the beery world to bring you reviews, information, food pairings and guides to not only the liquid gold itself, but the stuff that surrounds it. Saddle up and ride along as we discuss the Breweries, the Brew-Pubs, the speciality stores and of course Beers galore as we continue to explore this tasty and ever expanding world.